Book Review: Rewiring Education: How Technology Can Unlock Every Student’s Potential Author: John Couch and Jason Towne

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This book points out that how currently technological innovation can revolutionize learning and teaching to unlock a student’s potential. There are an introduction and 15 chapters in this book. The authors name each chapter as a one keyword involved with the main ideas or argument of chapter and subchapter as a short phrase also. These are easy to understand. The reviewer divides this book’s content as main 3 sections of this book. First, the authors would like to make sure that a reader understands what keys success of pedagogy in psychological term is, details in chapter 1-7. Second, how to utilize technology, details in chapter 8 -13. Finally, the remaining provides which technologies have the most potential to drive the education system currently and beyond. Each chapter introduces or shares an educational research, a result of research-and-development’s collaboration between schools and technology companies, and a case study to illustrate what coming up the authors’ idea or argument is next in the chapter.

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Couch, J., & Towne, J. (2018). Rewiring Education: How Technology Can Unlock Every Student’s Potential. BenBella Books, Dallas, TX., US.