On Improvement of Greedy Routing Protocol (GRP) for InterVehicle Communication

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มัณฑนา ธรรมรักษา
วนิดา พฤทธิวิทยา


- This article presents the Greedy Routing Protocol (GRP) for inter-vehicle communication. The protocol aims at delivering data packets to destinations even though there is no any location service available in the area. Unlike its previous version [1], the current version of GRP implements a number of efficient techniques in order to reduce protocol overhead without any performance compensation. This article also presents new performance evaluation results of the recent GRP compared to those of Ad hoc on-demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol [2]. We found that when selecting at most one forwarding node at each hop (P=1), GRP had about 18% successful packet delivery ratio higher than that of AODV while introducing about 0.18% more overhead and 0.88 seconds longer end-to-end delivery delay.

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ธรรมรักษา ม. and พฤทธิวิทยา ว., “On Improvement of Greedy Routing Protocol (GRP) for InterVehicle Communication”, JIST, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 49–59, Dec. 2010.
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