Using Quad Priority Queues and Coordinate Offset for Finding Street Name from Bangkok Map Database

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อิฐอารัญ ปิติมล
นวพร วิสิฐพงศ์พันธ์


- This article presents the technique used in finding the street name by matching the street vectors from the Bangkok map database to a given GPS coordinate. The GPS and map data used in this research is provided by Traffy project ( To enhance the performance of the map matching process, we propose the use of quad priority queues in re-creating the map database. More specifically, this paper will focus on how to transform the map database and how to use the coordinate offset in expediting the map matching. Discussion on the performance in terms of speed and accuracy will also be provided. The proposed technique can be used in developing the traffic condition report system.

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ปิติมล อ. and วิสิฐพงศ์พันธ์ น., “Using Quad Priority Queues and Coordinate Offset for Finding Street Name from Bangkok Map Database”, JIST, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 47–54, Dec. 2012.
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