The New Framework to Defend Against XML-Based Attacks

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ชาตรี ทองวรรณ
Waraporn Lilakiatsakun


- This paper presents the new framework that has the ability to detect and prevent attacks that are based on XML to Web service. These would be Oversize Payload attack, Recursive Payload attack, Parameter Tampering attack, Buffer Overflow attack or Replay Attack. The framework consists of three stages. The first stage is to learn XML documents leading to create XML schema. The second stage is to set all needed parameters and the third stage is to validate the XML format. The framework has been developed using Apache Tomcat, Apache Axis2, MySQL and JAVA language. For the experiment, it shows that mechanisms of the framework work effectively in detection and preventing attacks that are based on XML attacks.

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ทองวรรณ ช. and W. Lilakiatsakun, “The New Framework to Defend Against XML-Based Attacks”, JIST, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1–12, Jun. 2015.
Research Article: Soft Computing (Detail in Scope of Journal)


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