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พงษ์พันธ์ รัตนชินาลัย
อภิวัชร์ โมระนิรัตน์กุล
ดร.สุภวรรณ อันนันหนับ


- Kinect has been used as a game platform from sports to dance since 2010. However, it has never applied to Thai boxing. In this paper, we aim to develop an application to apply Thai kick boxing to be scanned by the Kinect. Thai kick boxing, there are 15 main body positions that the Kinect can pick up and relay the proper movements to establish correct Muay Thai boxing positions. As for beginners, the main point is on structure and form the application will go basic body position to have the best form for Thai kick boxing in each of their 15 positions. After mastering the basic, one player can advance to a level of player versus AI. This application can be used to practice Muay Thai properly without fear of injury.

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รัตนชินาลัย พ., โมระนิรัตน์กุล อ., and อันนันหนับ ด., “Application Muay Thai Kinect”, JIST, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 44–55, Dec. 2015.
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