An Application of Internet of Things Technology to Control the Illumination Systems in Smart Home

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- Presently, the Internet of things technology has become an important role in modern human life. The technology allows intelligent devices to connect to the Internet and thus enhance the ability to access and control of those devices. Smart home is one of innovative product of this technology. This paper presents a prototype system to control the illumination systems from smart phones by using Internet of things technology. The implemented system consists of android application, NETPIE service, and microcontroller unit. Users are able to control illumination devices in the house through smart phones from anywhere that the Internet is available. The android application has the features of touch screen control and voice control. This implemented prototype shows the potential for further development of smart home devices for Thailand 4.0 policy.

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ขจรฤทธิ์ เ., ชัยพรแก้ว ป., and เอ้งฉ้วน ห., “An Application of Internet of Things Technology to Control the Illumination Systems in Smart Home”, JIST, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 1–11, Jun. 2017.
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