Demand forecasting for LPG station by Time Series and Artificial Neural Network

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ไววิทย์ พานิชอัศดร
มหศักดิ์ เกตุฉ่ำ


- Demand forecasting plays an important role in business. A good inventory management can increase the competitive advantage. An inventory should be optimized so that firm can increase free cash flow and keep the company’s profitability at the same time. Especially, demand forecasting for the LPG station is very difficult because there are many factors which may not be linked directly or indirectly and it also occur in duplicate or random sometime. Thus, only the historical sale data is insufficient for develop an efficient forecast model. With the neural network technique, this technique gives an advantage in extracting the real factor which impact to demand in the future. This paper uses the artificial neural network for developing the forecast model. The result shows the presented methodology has 683 RMSE a day.

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พานิชอัศดร ไ. and เกตุฉ่ำ ม., “Demand forecasting for LPG station by Time Series and Artificial Neural Network”, JIST, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 42–49, Jun. 2017.
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