Esc Challenge Game application for enhancing executive functions

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Isaree Suttichurchart
Pimchanok Metapatara
Putwadee chuangyanyong
Pawitra chiravirakul


- Executive functions, which encompass significant cognitive processes, are found to be a major role in being used as basic skills to enhance critical thinking skills in children; whereas, critical thinking is found as a set of significant skills that helps one to come up with a rational decision with an appropriate behavior [1]. However, the results of PISA, the program for international student assessment, showed the trend of decreasing critical thinking skills in Thai Grade 9 students [2]. According to the study, one of the causes appears to be traditional teaching methods delivered to students which might not support critical thinking skills development. However, the problem can be lessened once related brain skills were developed at an appropriate age range, which is 7 - 11 years old [3]. Therefore, a game application is chosen as an approach to help children effectively practice executive functions from provided game tasks. Also, parents could acknowledge their child’s progress from analyzed results via web browser while gaining a better understanding of the applied cognitive skills, and support their child development. Furthermore, the game is implemented to reinforce more attractive and interesting education method that can strengthen executive functions. From the experiment, the results show that the implemented game application could be beneficial to both players and parents for practicing and monitoring those brain skills.

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I. Suttichurchart, P. Metapatara, P. chuangyanyong, and P. chiravirakul, “Esc Challenge Game application for enhancing executive functions”, JIST, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 35–46, Jun. 2018.
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