Satisfaction with mandatory sign-type traffic signs animation

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Orawan Saeung


This research was to find satisfaction towards the traffic sign animation of the mandatory sign type. Is the development of animated media using animation production process. To educate the traffic signs, types of mandatory signs The objective of 1) to develop an animation of mandatory road signs. 2) Effect of satisfaction towards animation of mandatory road signs. The sample was a group of 30 students using motorcycles to travel to the university. Animation design and development of mandatory road signs. There are 10 traffic signs that are used on the road to reduce accidents. The length is 7 minutes and the satisfaction of the students with the animation of the forced road signs. At the highest level with a mean of 4.73 and a standard deviation of 0.83.

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O. Saeung, “Satisfaction with mandatory sign-type traffic signs animation”, JIST, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 34–40, Dec. 2020.
Research Article: Social and Business Aspects of Convergence IT


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