Creating 2D Animation Cartoon on the Benefits of Vegetable Colors for the Children aged 7-15

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Orathai Chaiyo
Jutamart Sukachen
Oraphan Amnuaysin
Wilawan Jinwan
Thananan Areepong


The research objective was to design and develop 2D animation cartoons about the benefits of vegetable colors. The perception and satisfaction of the sample group towards the educational animation were assessed. The subjects were 90 students from patomsuksa 5 at Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University Demonstration School. Techniques used for creating the animation were drawing cartoon characters, drawing background scene, creating characters to be animated and adding sound effects. The research tools consisted of 2D animation applications, learning evaluation forms, a questionnaire on the satisfaction of the viewers towards the 2D cartoon animation. The results revealed that 1) the 2D animation on the benefits of vegetable colors consisting of the content on the benefits of each color of vegetable and the consequences of not eating vegetables, 2) the overall perception of the viewers was at high level, and 3) the overall satisfaction of the viewers was at high level. Thus, this 2D animation can be used as a digital media to enhance nutrition knowledge and positive attitudes of the children vegetable consumption.

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O. Chaiyo, J. Sukachen, O. Amnuaysin, W. Jinwan, and T. Areepong, “Creating 2D Animation Cartoon on the Benefits of Vegetable Colors for the Children aged 7-15”, JIST, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 1–7, Feb. 2021.
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