Security Protocol to Verify Authentication for Wireless Body Area Networks Integrate with Blockchain

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Bank Santivasuta
Wasupol Chaisangasilp
Sanchat Phaisit
Chalee Thammarat
Watanyou Yodthong


The advancement of wireless communication, Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) has gained a lot of attention with the development of compact sensors Medical information is very sensitive. If any physiological information is tampered with or intercepted, it may affect the diagnosis or the patient's privacy. Security in WBAN is still important. Therefore, it is important to verify the authentication of each other's sending and receiving data. between the sensor node and the server to protect patient information from malicious people. and for the privacy of patients. This research presents a protocol for secure authentication between sensor node and server. nodes connected to the patient's body We use the hash function. to make the protocol lightweight. In addition, the security analysis and the integration of blockchain technology It shows that the model in the research presented is consistent with the necessary safety features. make the protocol efficient

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B. Santivasuta, W. Chaisangasilp, S. Phaisit, C. Thammarat, and W. . Yodthong, “Security Protocol to Verify Authentication for Wireless Body Area Networks Integrate with Blockchain”, JIST, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 63–72, Dec. 2022.
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