Development of Counting and Analysis Lemons System with Computer Vision Technology

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Aekkarat Suksukont


This article presents development of counting and analysis lemons system with computer vision technology for test the performance of analysis system for color and counting of lemons to facilitate farmers. Firstly, designing the system and training the system with images of soft lemons and mature lemons 574 images, which image processing techniques were applied to this process. Then test the performance of the pressing system with 400 lemons. Divided into 200 soft lemons and 200 mature lemons. From the experiment counting of soft lemons system analysis accuracy 92% there is an error of 8% and counting of mature lemons system analysis accuracy 98% there is an error of 2% respectively.

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A. Suksukont, “Development of Counting and Analysis Lemons System with Computer Vision Technology”, JIST, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 10–16, Jun. 2023.
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