Hydraulic Properties of Thin plate weir

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This research aim study the hydraulic properties of thin plate weir and compare the flow rate coefficient of each type of weirs. The study was carried out in a hydraulics laboratory by experimenting with 3 types of weirs such as rectangular, triangular and trapezoid weir. The height of the weir from the bed channel has two levels, 7 and 10 centimeters. The control experiment gave free flow. The results showed that the height of the water above weir was higher as flow rate increased in all weir patterns. At the same flow rate, weirs with greater bottom height have lower water heights. When considering flow coefficient of three types of weirs, it was found that larger weirs had higher flow coefficients than smaller weirs. Weirs with greater height from the bottom of the water have higher coefficients.

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ไทยยืนวงษ์ ส., โรจนเมฆา ส., สุขจินดา พ., & เทพวงษ์ ร. (2021). Hydraulic Properties of Thin plate weir . Rattanakosin Journal of Science and Technology, 3(1), 31–39. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/RJST/article/view/244627
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