The Development of the Sentiment and Visual Characterization Analyzer for the Social Media Images


  • Prasit Chulanutrakul Graduate School of Applied Statistics National Institute of Development Administration
  • Worapol Pongpech Graduate School of Applied Statistics National Institute of Development Administration


Deep Learning, Image Analytics, Social Network, Hashtag


The consideration of Hashtag or choosing it appropriately to pictures on social media is one of a good strategy for online marketing. However, it is quite complicated to consider for a proper hashtag because it only requires the experience of online marketers regardless of the pictures under the hashtag. This research is made to generate a tool for analysis of pictures under a searched hashtag or pictures of influencers on social media. Moreover, it is used for making decision on the hashtag and be able to integrate in searching for the suitable influencers on social media.


Download data is not yet available.


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