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Panuwat Janbamroong
Chukait Nitayotan
Supachoke Techaudomtaworn
Aummarin Yampraywong
Pennapa Pirodamonchai


This paper presents the design of a hybrid solar water pump inverter which is an alternative for the use of solar energy as a substitute for electric power. The hybrid solar water pump inverter is a system that uses both electricity and solar energy. Therefore, this system can be used in areas where electricity is not accessible, such as in a farm, garden, or remote area.  And in the case of using of electric energy and solar energy together, the hybrid solar water pump inverter can be work all the time as needed and reduce electricity consumption. In the event of a power failure, the hybrid solar water pump can use the solar energy and run continuously without stopping the pump. The designed hybrid solar water pump is developed to be compatible both with 1-phase and 3-phase induction motor pump. It has important functions for using efficiently including Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for solar panel and Power Factor Correction (PFC) for AC input current. In addition, three power modes can be adjusted as appropriate: Grid mode that uses electricity only, Hybrid mode that uses electricity and solar energy together, and Stand-Alone mode that uses solar energy only.


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