Effects of Stationary Coil Size on Capability of Electricity Generation of Bedini Generator

doi: 10.14456/mijet.2016.8


  • Chonlatee Photong Mahasarakham Universiy
  • Adisak Thongnuch Mahasarakham University
  • Prawit Hemkun Mahasarakham University
  • Phakawan Suyoi Mahasarakham University


Bedini generator, copper coil size, electric power generation capability


A Bedini generator is one of electrical generators that can restore some energy from the running motor or rotating parts of machines. There are a number of public papers on this generator type; however, effects of stationary coil size on the capability of power generation have not properly studied. This paper presents the effects of 4 different coil sizes on electric power generation of the conventional Bedini generator. The most commonly used insulated copper coils, no. 20, 21, 22 and 23 AWG were used in the experimental tests. The results showed that the copper coil no. 20 that is the largest size among the group could generate significantly higher electric voltage by 1.96-1.72 times, current by 5-10 times and power by 9.25-10.24 times compared to other copper sizes of 21-23, where the size of copper coil no. 20 has diameter of 0.812 mm compared to 0.723-0.573 of nos. 21-23 (12.3-41.7% larger). These results showed a non-relationship between generated electric properties and no. of copper coils in terms of diameters when using these coils as stationary coils of the Bedini generator.


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