Two Level DC to DC Boost Converter with Improved Voltage Gain

doi: 10.14456/mijet.2017.3


  • Leardpan Piansangsan Pitchayabundit College
  • Singthong Pattanasetthanon Mahasarakham University


2 level DC-DC boost converter, multilevel


The objectives of this research paper are to develop and implement a 2x DC-DC multilevel boost converter (MBC) circuit using an auxiliary circuit for increasing voltage gain. The main circuit based on one inductor, one driven switch, 3 diodes and 3 capacitors, and an auxiliary circuit consists of one switch, 2 diodes and 2 capacitors. The main switch of the converter can be complete operated at the switching frequency of F. While the auxiliary switch is operated at the switching frequency of F/2 and at less 50% of duty cycle. Timing diagrams of the switching pattern are used to describe the mode of operation at a particular time. PSPICE simulated is presented to prove the proposition’s principle.

Author Biographies

Leardpan Piansangsan, Pitchayabundit College

Faculty of Engineering

Singthong Pattanasetthanon, Mahasarakham University

Solar Energy and Energy Resources 



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Piansangsan, L., & Pattanasetthanon, S. (2017). Two Level DC to DC Boost Converter with Improved Voltage Gain: doi: 10.14456/mijet.2017.3. Engineering Access, 3(1), 11–14. Retrieved from



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