Semi-Automated Mushroom Cultivation House using Internet of Things

doi: 10.14456/mijet.2021.24


  • Kaveepoj Bunluewong Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Informatics, Mahasarakham University
  • olarik surinta


Internet of Things (IoT), Microcontroller, IoT platform, The IoT control box, Automated system


This research presents an application of the internet of things (IoT) technology. The technology is responsible for checking the temperature and humidity in a mushroom cultivation house and the operation of the IoT control box. It is a semi-automated system that does not rely on farmers' labor. The system can be checked and operated through an application that is installed on the farmer’s smartphone. In the case of offline operation, the system can be controlled manually by farmers. We designed a software and control system for the IoT control box with concern for the needs of farmers. Therefore, we can develop a suitable IoT control box that can be following farmers' needs. The farmer used the application for four months before their satisfaction was evaluated. The results showed that the semi-automated system obtained a high satisfaction rate towards system. However, when asked about “The value in using the internet of things technology to control the mushroom cultivation,” The satisfaction was on level 4 because of the high investment cost, including monthly internet cost. That cost might increase the overall production cost. If farmers want to reduce the monthly internet cost, the application architecture will cut the data transmission process via the cloud-connected to smartphones. The application is designed to be controlled through the IoT control box. The control system will be able to work automatically and manually.


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