The Development of Web-Based Application of Registration System

doi: 10.14456/mijet.2022.14


  • Suwitchan Kaewsuwan Pitchayabundit College
  • Chadarat Khwunnak Pitchayabundit College


Web-based application, online registration system, education service system


The purposes of this research were to develop a Web-Based Application of Registration System and to study users’ satisfaction. The research problem is traditional student enrollment Students must come to the college to write the registration form and the registration staff keyed the data into excel program one by one after the students had registered for all subjects. The registrar must bring the information to prepare the transcript one by one. Which takes a long time and there are errors such as duplicates, typed wrong course names incorrect course structure wrong grade point average, etc., from such problems, thus causing the researcher study and develop a system to solve this problem. In this research, there were 497 samples (registration and evaluation Office, and students) from Pitchayabundit College, Nong Bua Lamphu, Thailand. The overall satisfaction assessment result was very satisfactory ( =3.95). A web-based application was designed, developed, and implemented as a web portal that enables different parties working with higher education general teaching to benefit from.


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Author Biographies

Suwitchan Kaewsuwan, Pitchayabundit College

Pitchayabundit College, Thailand

Chadarat Khwunnak, Pitchayabundit College

Pitchayabundit College, Thailand


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