Leaf Anatomy and Minimal Structure in Leaves of Hydrocotyle umbellata L., Obtained from Water Stress, were Examined under Electron Microscope and Light Microscope

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Patcharee Umroong


Leaf anatomy and ultrastructure in leaves of Hydrocotyle umbellata L. were examined under light microscope. The anatomical features measured included leaf thickness and number and area of bundle sheath and mesophyll cells. The results indicated differences in the cells. Transmission electron microscopy provided details of the internal structure of the cells.  There were differences between the subcellular structure of mesophyll and bundle sheath cells from well-watered and water-stressed plants. Furthermore, quantitative measurements based on micrographs of ultrastructure of chloroplasts and starch grains were made. The knowledge from this research can be applied in other scientific fields such as botany, agriculture, and environmental science.

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Umroong, P. Leaf Anatomy and Minimal Structure in Leaves of Hydrocotyle Umbellata L., Obtained from Water Stress, Were Examined under Electron Microscope and Light Microscope. Microsc. Microanal. Res. 2018, 31, 29-33.
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