Porous glass-ceramic orbital implants from egg shell

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Jiratchaya Ayawanna
Namthip Kingnoi
Thanyapon Wanpen


The Calcium silicate porous glass-ceramic material was prepared by using cheaper calcium carbonate from egg shell in this study. The key morphological characteristics of the porous glass-ceramic product was assessed and the capability of this material in body fluid was investigated. The porous glass ceramic orbital implants derived from different egg shell contents (30 – 50 mol%) in replacement of calcium carbonate in calcium silicate glass systems were fabricated. The microstructure, phase composition and porosity of glass-ceramic orbital implants both after fabrication at 870ºC and 1000ºC for 2 h and 5 h, and after immersion test in Simulate Body Fluid (SBF) solution for 2 weeks, 1 month and 2 months were comparatively studied. The maximum contents of egg shell in making the calcium silicate glass is 40 mol%, in which a pure amorphous structure was formed for fabrication of a glass-ceramic orbital implants. Biocompatible wollastonite phase was obtained after heat treatment at 1000ºC for 2 h. The glass–ceramic orbital implants from egg shell has uniform distribution of an open-macropore with high porosity in the range of 35-45% for eye tissue ingrowth. Also, good chemical stability in SBF for 2-month test was obtained in this alternative low-cost egg shells derived porous glass–ceramic for ocular prosthesis applications.

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Ayawanna, J.; Kingnoi, N. .; Wanpen, T. Porous Glass-Ceramic Orbital Implants from Egg Shell. Microsc. Microanal. Res. 2020, 33, 4-8.
The 37th International Conference on The Microscopy Society of Thailand


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