Diversity of Helminths in Freshwater Snails from Thaksin University, Phatthalung Province

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Thanapon Yooyen


Some species of freshwater snail act as intermediate hosts for flukes, They have intermediate for development from larva stage to infective stage, in definitive host, such as people and other animals. The objective of this study was to survey and identify helminths in freshwater snails from Thaksin University Phatthalung Campus during January to April 2019. Freshwater-snails samples were collected and then determinated their infectivity with helminths by stereo-microscope. The helminths were identified based on their morphology. A total of 361 freshwater snails were collected and identified as 7 family, 10 genus and 12 species. The overall prevalence was 15.51% (56/361). Redix auricularia rubiginosa has the highest prevalence rate of 62.22% (28/45). The results showed that 2 groups of larva stage were observed including 1 type of nematode group (Strongyloides sp. Filariform larva) and 7 types of digenea groups (3 types of Redia, 2 types of Cercaria and 2 types of Metacercaria). The findings of this research can be used to estimate helminths infection situation of the study area.

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Yooyen, T. Diversity of Helminths in Freshwater Snails from Thaksin University, Phatthalung Province. Microsc. Microanal. Res. 2020, 33, 20-23.
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