Comparative Studies on Leaf Surface of Pandanus tectorius Blume among two accessions (Ban Sai Khuan, Satun and Ban Du Hun, Trang)

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Bordintorn Sonsupab
Piyanan Thanomchat
Yupadee Paopun


Two accessions of Pandanus tectorius Blume (Ban Sai Khuan, Satun and Ban Du Hun, Trang) were carried out to be investigated on the leaf surface with light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy in 2019. The result show that both of them have the 4-6 angled shape of epidermal cells and an entire cell wall.They also both  have  a tetracytic type of stomata which occurs in the adaxial and abaxial epidermis, but they are always more abundant in the abaxial than those in the adaxial one. The guard cells are kidney-shaped. The subsidiary cells at both poles are smaller than those at the lateral side. The investigation of stomata from two accessions found that the stomatal size from Ban Du Hun are larger than that from Ban Sai Khuan, but have less density. The cuticle from Ban Du Hun is much thicker. In addition, the natural habitat could affect the structure of leaves from different locations, by means of stomatal size and thickness, cuticular thickness, salty crystal on abaxial and adaxial leaf surface.

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Sonsupab, B.; Thanomchat, P. .; Paopun, Y. . Comparative Studies on Leaf Surface of Pandanus Tectorius Blume Among Two Accessions (Ban Sai Khuan, Satun and Ban Du Hun, Trang). Microsc. Microanal. Res. 2021, 34, 23-25.
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