Seed Morphology of the Subtribe Barleriinae and Andrographinae (Acanthaceae) in Thailand

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Winai Somprasong
Bodintorn Sonsupab
Yupadee Paopun


Mature seeds of the representatives in subtribe Barleriinae (2 genera), Barleria: (Barleria cristata L., B. lupulina Lindl., B. strigosa Willd.) and Lepidagathis: Lepidagathis dissimilis Imlay, L. falcata Nees,  L. fasciculata Nees, L. incurva Ham. ex D.Don) and the subtribe Andrographiane (3 genera), (Andrographis: Andrographis laxiflora (Blume) Lindau; Gymnostachyum: Gymnostachyum leptostachyum; Phlogacanthus: Phlogacanthus curviflorus (Wall.) Nees, P. pedunculatus J.B. Imlay, P. pulcherrimus T. Anders.) in Thailand were conducted by the comparative seed morphology of some species in 2019. These morphological features have been described as ovoid and strongly compressed or compressed. The testa were recognized in various characters such as rugulose-tubercle, rugulose, finely tuberculate, finely scaled, coarsely scaled, suborbicular. The seed shape varied in different groups, such as ovoid, ellipsoidal, suborbicular. The current study is evidence to support the taxonomic significance of both subtribes in Thailand.

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Somprasong , W. .; Sonsupab, B.; Paopun, Y. . Seed Morphology of the Subtribe Barleriinae and Andrographinae (Acanthaceae) in Thailand. Microsc. Microanal. Res. 2021, 34, 9-12.
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