Static Analysis of Fluid-Filled Toroidal Shell under High Hydrostatic Pressure

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วีรพันธุ์ เจียมมีปรีชา


This paper presents a static analysis of fluid-filled toroidal shell serviced under deep sea water with constraint volume conditions in offshore engineering deployments for LNG storage containers. The geometry of fluid-filled toroidal shell was computed by differential geometry. Energy functional of shell and internal fluid are expressed in the appropriate forms based on the principle of virtual work in terms of displacements. The static response of the shell and change of pressure with various sea water depths, thicknesses, and toroid cross-section radii can be determined using finite element method. Numerical results show that the change of internal pressure based on the constraint volume condition is required in order to maintain the fluid-filled toroidal shell in equilibrium position. Then the shell is very effective in resisting high external loading.

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เจียมมีปรีชา ว., “Static Analysis of Fluid-Filled Toroidal Shell under High Hydrostatic Pressure”, sej, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 36–47, Jul. 2018.
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