The Time Delay Control of the Technique PERT/CPM TOT Public Company Limited Case Study: The Project to Install Speed Fiber to the x (FTTx) at the NGV Stations PTT Pathum Thani

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This research focuses on the application Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM)   in high-speed Internet installation for telecommunication business. This study applied PERT/CPM to use in the management of the project to install speed Fiber to the x (FTTx) at the NGV stations PTT Pathum Thani. The use of such techniques made the project as planned and effectively and also made note of the status of it resulted. The project manager could control the timing of resources to operate effectively and made the project successfully. The use of techniques PERT/CPM and QM for Windows Version 2.0 to calculate and build networks made note of the relationship and the duration of the operation of the telecommunications network and Internet  services. Which is part of the relevant acts characterized and coordinated effectively by using activity on arrow and the main node. The QM for Windows Version 2.0 software could calculate accurately and reliably. It took approximately 3,120 minutes, or six and a half days. The project could probably be completed within a specified period of seven days up to 98.98%.  But the use of fractional number of a day was found that the project to install speed fiber to the x (FTTx) at the NGV Station PTT Pathum Thani lasted eight days. It took more time for a day and a half.

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นิธิกาญจนธาร จ., “The Time Delay Control of the Technique PERT/CPM TOT Public Company Limited Case Study: The Project to Install Speed Fiber to the x (FTTx) at the NGV Stations PTT Pathum Thani”, sej, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 13–26, Aug. 2018.
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