Estimation of Average Current Flowing out from DC Power Supply

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ณรงค์เดช ดึงกระโทก
วิโรจน์ แสงธงทอง


The control system of solar-energy conversion into electricity incorporates a PV panel served as DC power supply and needs a sensor sensing solar-array DC current. The control scheme utilizes the average of solar-array current for seeking a MPP of the PV panel. This paper presents the average-current estimator which computes the mean current flowing out from a DC power supply and also reviews the first-order sliding-mode observer which evaluates an instantaneous current that issues from the same DC power supply. The proposed estimator and the previous observer are formulated in order to further supplant such a sensor. When the PV panel is displaced by a single-phase rectifier, performance comparison between the estimator and the observer will be facilitated. Simulation and experiment results point out the closeness of the estimated and measured average currents.

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ดึงกระโทก ณ. and แสงธงทอง ว., “Estimation of Average Current Flowing out from DC Power Supply”, sej, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 25–36, Sep. 2019.
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