Mixed Solar Drying System for Drying of pineapple

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Sirikul Chunsawang


In this study, a mixed solar dryer (MSD) was designed, fabricated, and evaluated for drying of pineapple. The dryer cabinet was modified from Lyes Bennamoum’s dryer cabinet. Its performance was better with the angle of receive and reflect of radiation in dryer cabinet. It was found that the maximum temperature of the mixed solar dryer system without drying material was 67 C while the environmental temperature was 34.5 C. at 12:50 pm. (24/04/2018) For total drying time of 33 h was required for 1,060 g of pineapple with a size of 8-9 cm diameter, 1.3-1.5 cm thickness (cylinder shape) drying in the mixed solar dryer to reduce the moisture content from 87.46 % to 7.97% (the industry standard for dehydrated fruits and vegetables was ≤ 8.4%). The average temperature of the mixed solar dryer system was 45.7 C while the average environmental temperature was 35 C with 55.73 W/m2 of the average intensity of solar radiation at 2:20 pm.  (28/05/2018-03/5/2018) The percentage of moisture content could be reduced to 91.33 % and the efficiency of solar collector was 30%. Drying system efficiency of MSD was 13 %.  The physical properties of dry pineapple were suitable for sale, nice color on skin, soft taste and sweet smell.

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S. Chunsawang, “Mixed Solar Drying System for Drying of pineapple”, sej, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 98–105, Jan. 2020.
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