Grey Relational Analysis for Optimal Condition of Biodiesel Production Process from Fish Entrails

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Amnouy Kumboon


This research article aimed to investigate an optimal condition of biodiesel production from fish entrails oil. The grey relational analysis was used to find the suitable condition together with many objectives for efficient biodiesel sufficiently in agricultural engine application. Transesterification reaction was applied in the biodiesel production experiment. The four factors of biodiesel synthesis were studied as follows; ratio of methanol to potassium hydroxide, stirring speed, reaction time and reaction temperature. The three responses were free fatty acid quantity (FFA), sulfated ash content and flash point. The results exhibited that the best condition of the biodiesel production is 3.0:130, 500 rpm, 60 minute and 60 °C for volume per weight ratio of methanol to potassium hydroxide, stirring speed, reaction time and reaction temperature, respectively. Hence, the biodiesel from this optimal condition showed 1.60 mg KOH/g Oil of FFA, 0.11% m/m of sulfated ash content and 162 °C of flash point. Moreover, these results were consistent with the special standard level of department of energy business. Therefore, the prepared biodiesel was applied in the agricultural engine after that the engine operated continuously with no shutdown or stumble.

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A. Kumboon, “Grey Relational Analysis for Optimal Condition of Biodiesel Production Process from Fish Entrails”, sej, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 88–98, Sep. 2019.
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