4D CAD Model for Safety Management and Traffic Impact Reduction in Road Maintenance Project at the Interchange: Case Study of the Nakhon Ratchasima Interchange

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Whichaya Ringkananont
Vacharapoom Benjaoran


The interchange maintenance projects are more complicated than the general road maintenance since the site area has different elevations and the current traffic flows through the area. Such constraints on the working space create a risk of accidents to workers and the negative impacts on traffic. Therefore, this study created a 4D CAD to visualize the risk of accidents and the impact on traffic at different project times. Also, it can visualize changes in the area at different times according to the maintenance procedures. This tool assists a project manager to determine appropriate safety management measures and reduce traffic impact in road maintenance projects at interchange. The results showed that the 4D CAD is able to demonstrate the risk of accidents and impact on traffic during the maintenance project caused by the use of large types of machinery such as cranes and trucks. Their working spaces overlap with the surrounding land uses, and the lanes adjacent and below the constructing parts of the interchange structure. The project planner can visualize these risks of accidents and impacts. The 4D CAD developed in this study makes it possible to adjust the construction schedule for the maintenance project and to wisely close the lanes affected by the construction at different project time even before starting the project. This also helps to allocate a sufficient budget for safety management and to reduce the impact on current traffic. All results in the effective management of the interchange maintenance project.

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W. Ringkananont and V. Benjaoran, “4D CAD Model for Safety Management and Traffic Impact Reduction in Road Maintenance Project at the Interchange: Case Study of the Nakhon Ratchasima Interchange”, sej, vol. 15, no. 2, pp. 106–117, Aug. 2020.
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