Acid Catalyzed Reactor in Mixed Crude Palm Oil Using Microwave Irradiation and Static Mixer

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Suhdee Niseng
Arrisa Sopajarn
Panumas Suybangdum
Tanawit Thongwichean
Krisanapong Sangkavasi


Biodiesel production from high free fatty acid mixed crude palm oil need to reduce for free fatty acid less than 2 mgKOH/g. It causes to appear saponification process to make low purity product. This research to apply a microwave irradiation and static mixer for reducing of free fatty acid in mixed crude palm oil by esterification process. The purpose was decrease the reaction time and free fatty acid less than 2 mgKOH/g. From the experiments fed raw materials for circulating into 5 m static mixer and 450 W microwave irradiation and used sulfuric acid 4 %vol., methanol 15, 20, 25, and 30 %vol., respectively. The result indicated that the optimal condition for this research was using methanol 30 %vol. which reacted for 9 min. It was able to decrease free fatty acid from 30.5 mgKOH/g to 1.93 mgKOH/g (S.D.= 0.02). The compositions of esterified oil such as mono-glyceride, di-glyceride, and tri-glyceride was similar to reduce free fatty acid in mixed crude palm oil using static mixer, but the reaction time was short time.

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S. Niseng, A. Sopajarn, P. Suybangdum, T. Thongwichean, and K. . Sangkavasi, “Acid Catalyzed Reactor in Mixed Crude Palm Oil Using Microwave Irradiation and Static Mixer”, sej, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 1–6, Oct. 2020.
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