The Influence of Sliding Velocity and Contact Pressure on Tribological Behavior of The Mating Surfaces of SKD11 Tool Steel and Ferritic Stainless Steel 430 HL

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ภาสพิรุฬห์ วัชรศรีสำเริง


The objective of this article is to study the influence of sliding velocity and contact pressure on the tribological behavior of the mating surfaces of hardened SKD11 tool steel against ferritic stainless steel 430 HL workpiece material under dry conditions. The study was conducted by simulation testing with Pin-on-Disk according to ASTM G99-95a. There are three levels of sliding velocity of the contact surface material: 50 100 and 150 mm/s under normal loads of 2 5 and 8 N. The study found that relative damage of tool steel surface on the workpiece material comes in two forms: abrasive wear and adhesion of workpiece material. The coefficient of friction between the contact surfaces ranged from 0.707 to 0.904. Sliding velocity and contact pressure do not linearly correlate with the coefficient of friction between the contact surfaces of the tool material and the workpiece material. The adhesion of the workpiece material to the tool surface does not affect to increase the coefficient of friction. The quantitative of tool material wear and the sliding distance correlated in the same direction, also wear is proportional to the pressure generated between the contact surfaces, which is inversely proportional to the sliding velocity on the workpiece material.

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วัชรศรีสำเริง ภ., “The Influence of Sliding Velocity and Contact Pressure on Tribological Behavior of The Mating Surfaces of SKD11 Tool Steel and Ferritic Stainless Steel 430 HL”, sej, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 32–43, Dec. 2020.
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