Development of Animal Feed Pelleting Machine

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Ekkapan Sukmoonsiri
Roongruang Kalsirisilp
Jaturong Langapin


The research aimed to fabricate and test the prototype of animal feed pelleting machine. The machine consists of four main parts namely, steel frame, grinding unit, mixing unit and pellet extruding unit. The test speed of motor was selected at 1,100, 1,430 and 1,750 rpm. Three formulated animal feed were used for this study. The performance parameters studied were processing capacity, percentage recovery, electrical consumption and economic analysis of the machine. The performance test of the machine showed that the optimum speed was 1,750 rpm. The percentage recovery of the machine was 83%. The average processing capacity was 23 kg/h. An economic analysis further showed that the operation cost of the machine was 37.5 Bath per hour with the break even point of 3,052 kilograms per year. Considering the working hour of 300 hour per year, the pay back period of the machine was found to be 2.2 years.

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E. Sukmoonsiri, R. . Kalsirisilp, and J. . Langapin, “Development of Animal Feed Pelleting Machine”, sej, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 62–74, Nov. 2021.
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