Design of a Square Microstrip Antenna Using Genetic Algorithms

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rattanan laorboot
Sirikarn Puangmanee
Sukanya Sangjan
Chanchai Thaijiam


This research paper is to present how to design a square microstrip antenna using Genetic Algorithms at 2.45 GHz by MATLAB and CST programming. A square antenna patch is designed with a symmetrical structure, corresponding to the short-circuit technique of beamforming (rather than a rectangular patch using a conventional design). Generally, a conventional design will result in a rectangular rather than a square shape. Simulation results show that the methods presented in this paper can be used to really design the antenna with a return loss close to below -10 dB at the operating frequency.

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rattanan laorboot, S. Puangmanee, S. Sangjan, and C. Thaijiam, “Design of a Square Microstrip Antenna Using Genetic Algorithms”, sej, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 89–95, Jun. 2023.
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