Analysis of Community Safety Conditions of an Old Public Housing Project: Case Study of Klong Chan Flat, Bangkok

  • Tanaphoom Wongbumru Faculty of Architecture, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
  • Bart Dewancker Faculty of Environmental Engineering, The University of Kitakyushu
Keywords: Community safety, Crime, Safety management, Public housing


Safety, in regards of all aspects, is considered a major priority to community. The residents perceived their safety through physical surroundings of living places. Accordingly, a long-established, old public housing community with open access, Klong Chan Flat, was chosen to be examined regarding safety issues through field survey and questionnaire. The results showed Klong Chan Flat is divided into three scale of safety-concerned areas; dwellings (installed with window and door grilles), buildings (provided with CCTV, lighting, and motorcycle docking), and community (stationed with a police check-point). The overall satisfaction towards community safety of residents staying in buildings with fully provided CCTV, lighting, motorcycle docking, and unsafe community area resulted in a significant relationship of these variables at .05. The motorcycle docking and lighting are found to be an important element of building safety with its high correlation value at .631 and .507 respectively. In addition, five significant spots evidenced with high criminal incidents were identified through an interview from residents and police information. Consequently, more surveillance must be acted upon and focused on physical conditions as well as building maintenance and management. These results conferred a baseline data of initial investigation of old public housing project towards safety issues. Thus, these significant factors are to be determined in terms of safety management to enhance standard and quality of living of the residents staying in Klong Chan Flat and contributed to more in-depth study afterwards.


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