Contemplative Dialogues

  • Supreedee Rittironk Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University
Keywords: Contemplative, Dialogues, awareness, Inconvenience


Hearing in media in the past about awareness in Global climate changes, there
were the El Nino in 1998, Hurricane Katrina
in 2005, big carbon emission in China in 2006,
and a following Movie “Inconvenience truth”
by Al Gore in the same year. There are many
more evidences, but these are highlights that raised people’s interest about new term, “Global warming” and “Climate changes”. The world is moving to the same direction of discussion about what we can respond to these changes, including in the
architectural movement. I remember researches starting in 2008 until few years
recently are talking a lot about the Sustainability. It has reached us, so that everybody was trying to share ideas of how
architectural community can minimize impacts from this Climate changes. As well as In Thai designer’s community, individual, companies, and organizations are trying to incorporate the design for changes, creating many interesting ideas.


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