Book review: The New Carbon Architecture: Building to cool the climate

  • Supreedee Rittironk Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University, Patumthani, 12121, Thailand


The book title, New Carbon Architecture, may sound very Chemistry because carbon is the basic element of
everything in this world, including buildings. Carbon is always a good substance, however it can turn bad if it is in the wrong place, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) or Methane (CH4).  The book has sub-entitled as Building to cool climate. Since, we all heard that global warming partially comes from building sector, this book is interesting enough to reveal how buildings are able to help cooling down climate. Answer can be found in this book that will turn around the result if the action plans and proposed ideas will be implemented. Author broke
down the content into 3 major portions that I make my own judgement. Firstly, author provided background information on the Carbon, the emission, Zero energy concept, and why we should change the perception for future, that cover first two chapters. In the next 5 chapters from 3 to 7, author proposed new construction
materials to make the carbon architecture. Author pulled great samples of alternative materials; Wood, Straw or other fibers, reinvented concrete, and bio-plastic. They are hoped to be the materials of future that
can surely minimize impacts from carbon emission. Last portion is quite varied where he discussed the impact to health, if we do not do anything or make any changes. It is also where he suggested in turning these
ideas to become real implementation, such as adopting technology, taking real action plan, and working towards the legitimated process to launch building codes and conducts. Overall, the journey of 176-page
story telling is realistic and promoting selfawareness in built environment, so that it can motivate not just stakeholders in building industries, but also everyone who will make contribution to changes for future. This book is definitely not only a book shall be placed on the architectural section in library shelf, but it should be
used as leisure reading for classes in basic education around the world.


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