Using GIS Techniques for Spatial Distribution Patterns’ Change of Green Logistics Activities at Tourist Attractions to Current COVID-19 Situation: Case of Muang Nakhonratchasima District

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Yaowaret Jantakat
Pradeep Shrestha
Pongpun Juntakut
Chomphak Jantakat


 The aim of this study is to use Geographical Information System (GIS) techniques for spatial distribution patterns’ change of green logistics activities at tourist attractions to current COVID-19 pandemic in Muang Nakhonratchasima district. This study compared data based on 49 purposive questionnaires in year 2016 and 2021 using high/Low clustering Getis-Ord General G in ArcGIS program. The results found were totally in pattern of complete spatial randomness in both year 2016 and 2021. These outputs demonstrate normative pattern in such 12 tourist attractions of Muang Nakhonratchasima district. It is interesting to find that green awareness and green service are high among 8 green logistics activity. The green awareness and green service has been found to change positively in 9 and 8 respectively out of 12 tourist attractions. Also, these public and private organizations have realized to reverse logistics, using barcode, electric email, and information online for facing the current pandemic. Consequently, the obtained results will be suggested for Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) Nakhonratchasima and office of Nakhonratchasima City Municipality.  


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Jantakat, Y., Shrestha, P. ., Juntakut , P. ., & Jantakat , C. . (2021). Using GIS Techniques for Spatial Distribution Patterns’ Change of Green Logistics Activities at Tourist Attractions to Current COVID-19 Situation: Case of Muang Nakhonratchasima District . International Journal of Building, Urban, Interior and Landscape Technology (BUILT), 18, 23–24. Retrieved from


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