Taking Advantage of Standard English Keyboard Layout in Thai Text Input Methods

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ธนวัฒน์ ควรรติกุล
มนัสวี แก่นอำพรพันธ์


- The 12-buttons keypad mobile phone is the most affordable type of mobile phones in Thai market. This type of keypad has each button that contains from 3-4 letters. However, the letters that can be represented visibly on one button are only the first and the last letter out of the 3-4 letters that button holds according to the order of Thai letter. Different companies adopt various layouts which is not a good usability practise. This paper aims to take advantage of the consistent and standard layout of English keypad to minimize mistyping of users by focusing on using “Karaoke method”. This method is directly transcribed the sound of Thai word to Roman letters that are all visible on the keypad. From this advantage, we hope to reduce the errors in mistyping and time in searching for relevant letter in the Thai keypad layout. KLM evaluation demonstrates an interesting and valid possibility of using “Karaoke method”. On the other hand, in our user testing, the mistype was not decreased and also speed of typing was not increased due to the difficulty of converting sound form Thai to Roman letter according to the Royal Institute of Thailand standard.

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ควรรติกุล ธ. and แก่นอำพรพันธ์ ม., “Taking Advantage of Standard English Keyboard Layout in Thai Text Input Methods”, JIST, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 27–38, Jun. 2013.
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