Cloud-Based Service System for Automatic Plant Monitoring and Watering based on Soil Moisture

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ratthaslip ranokphanuwat


This project is designed to provide comfort to farmer with automatic plant monitoring and watering based on soil moisture using Internet of Things (IoT) and Amazon Cloud technology. The developed system consists of 1) Wireless sensor network for monitoring soil moisture 2) Gateway is responsible for plant watering with control the water pump, tank water level measuring, rain sensor and sending data to AWS IoT via MQTT protocol 3) AWS cloud system for Webserver and Database server, and 4) Dashboard for displaying on real-time and historical data. Moreover, the operation system can be automatic and manual. It also supports many users and many plants

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ratthaslip ranokphanuwat, “Cloud-Based Service System for Automatic Plant Monitoring and Watering based on Soil Moisture”, JIST, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 65–73, Dec. 2018.
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