An Analysis of Repeat Purchasing Factors for e-Marketplace in Bangkok Metropolitan Region

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Kittipat Panruang
Datchakorn Tancharoen


This paper is a study to analyze the repeat purchasing factors for e-marketplace in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The objective of this research is to analyze the comparing factors for e-marketplace with two popular online shopping websites including Lazada and Shopee. This survey consists of 412 online questionnaires from the sample in Bangkok and Metropolitan area. The satisfaction is divided into 7 levels consisting of 8 factors including Effort Expectancy, Performance Expectancy, Self-efficacy, Trust, Price, System Quality, Product and Information Quality and Service Quality. The experiments showed that the most satisfaction is Self-efficacy about 81.67 percents, Effort Expectancy about 80.99 percents and Product and Information Quality about 80.18 percents, respectively. Moreover, the results focusing on age between 21-30 years and 31-40 years, which cover more than 70 percents of samples, provide satisfaction in the same way about Self-efficacy. Morover, the comparison results of the factors that affect the satisfaction between Lazada and Shopee when considering the data analysis method using inferential statistics. There were 4 different factors that the statistical significance level at 0.05 level, which consists of Effort expectancy, Self-efficacy, Price and Website promotions, and System Quality.

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K. Panruang and D. Tancharoen, “An Analysis of Repeat Purchasing Factors for e-Marketplace in Bangkok Metropolitan Region”, JIST, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 49–58, Dec. 2020.
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