Development of low cost 3D printing robot for learning embedded system

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Supachai Thongsuk


This research aimed to 1) design and develop the robot with a 3D printing technique, 2) to evaluate performance of low cost robot for learning embedded system, and 3) to evaluate the achievement in the study of learning embedded system using low cost robot. According to the sample group of this research, there were5 specialists in computer, and 50 secondary-students who attend the project. Additionally, the instrument used in this research are the questionnaire and the learning achievement test. As a result, it was presented that 1) the development result had robot characteristics which resembles human consisting of the upper part named head, body, and arms. The lower part had wheel moving part and line tracking sensors. The robot structure was printed with 3D printer using the PLA plastic. 2) the performance evaluation result found that the overall of the design and the development of the robot were in the ‘good’ level with a mean of 4.40 and a standard deviation of 0.50 3) learning achievement of students after learning was higher than the mean score of pre-learning with 0.05 level of statistical significance.

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S. Thongsuk, “Development of low cost 3D printing robot for learning embedded system ”, JIST, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 39–46, Jun. 2021.
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