The Development of a Mobile Application to Promote Tourist Attractions in LAOS

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Naly Aeuangsengphachanh
Nattavut Sriwiboon
Jatsada Singthongchai
Achara Sumungkaset


This research aims to design, develop, evaluate performance and study the satisfaction of a mobile application users to promote tourist attractions in LAOS. The population used in this research is a comprehensive group of the experts from information technology perspective and experienced users. There are 15 population this research, selected based on purposive sampling method and there are 100 Users or tourists who use the application, selected based on accidental sampling method. The tools used include (1) a mobile application users to promote tourist attractions in LAOS. (2) Performance Assessment and (3) Satisfaction Questionnaire. The application developed in this work is implemented using a combination of mainstream technologies, i.e., React Naïve Framework, Golang (as API services), and MySQL. The evaluation was performed using a questionnaire method to measure the statistical result, which are frequency distribution, percentage, average, and standard deviation. The results showed show that the application performance in 3 areas included in good level (x ̅ = 4.39) is as follows to Capability and accuracy (x ̅= 4.70), Flexibility and ease of use (x ̅ = 4.30) and Security (x ̅ = 4.16) respectively and application can work smoothly on both Android and iOS operating system.


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N. Aeuangsengphachanh, N. Sriwiboon, J. Singthongchai, and A. Sumungkaset, “The Development of a Mobile Application to Promote Tourist Attractions in LAOS”, JIST, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 81–88, Jun. 2022.
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