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The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


Publication Fee Policy

Maejo International Journal of Energy and Environmental Communication (MIJEEC), founded by the School of Renewable Energy, Maejo University, Thailand, is an open-access journal publishing online high-quality research/review articles in the area related to Energy and Environmental Communication. As one of the missions of MJU is to promote research and academic services by publishing articles that are interesting or with new findings in science and technology, all fundings for MIJEEC publication are borne by MJU with partial support from TCI. In order to help scientists to be able to publish high-quality work, the journal is open for everyone whose research work has passed the criteria set by the editorial board.

There is No Publication Charge (Free APC) for submission.


Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics of Maejo International Journal of Energy and Environmental Communication (MIJEEC)

The editorial team of Maejo International Journal of Energy and Environmental Communication (MIJEEC) is committed to uphold the best practices and maintain a high level of integrity in the content published in this journal and preventing malpractices. If plagiarism is found, the COPE guidelines on plagiarism will be followed. All parties involved in the act of publishing such as authors, editors, and reviewers must agree to the following ethical behaviors:


Publication Procedure

Ethical practices for articles publishing in MIJEEC are as follows:

          -  Only original research articles and academic articles will be accepted.

          -  Articles that are duplicated or/and plagiarized (including contents like figures, tables, data, etc.) cannot be accepted.

          -  Submissions from authors from diverse backgrounds are encouraged.

          -  The procedures set for publishing in the journal, beginning from the paper acceptance, to peer review, paper publishing, and dissemination are strictly followed.

          -  The responsibility for environmental concern to take the journal "green", including taking actions to reduce printed materials are considered.

          -  Confidentiality of the work submitted for publication must be upheld by the editorial team and the peer reviewers.


Ethics of Authors

The authors should ensure that the submitted manuscripts were written followed the ethical practices of original submissions accuracy, acknowledgment of information sources, and of declaration of financial support and conflict of interest (if any). Please note that-

          -  Articles are entirely original works in good English with sufficient information and suitable citations and must not be published before.

          -  Articles should be presented accurately, clearly, and honestly results without personal opinions, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, ghost authorship, or inappropriate data manipulation. The authors are responsible for their submitted articles in terms of matching them with the aims and scope of MIJEEC, the format indicated by MIJEEC, completeness, acknowledging sources, preventing plagiarism (including self-plagiarism), and also including the names of all authors who have contributed to the submitted work.

          -  The authors must not do a duplicate submission.

          -  The corresponding author has to sign the copyright transfer agreement and submit it to the editor.

          -  The corresponding author contributes to warrant that the article is original and unpublished.

          -  The authors of published articles have to take responsibility for any scientific mistakes and plagiarisms.

          -  Ethical issues must be upheld in all aspects of the research process. Authors should provide information regarding the ethics clearance of their research if needed.

          -  The authors need to work along with MIJEEC editorial requirements and edit their work as needed. In case of any conflict or problem in editing the manuscript, the author should inform the editor of MIJEEC immediately.


Conflict of interest 

The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


Ethics of Reviewers

All articles submitted to CAST will undergo a process of editorial review and peer review. Reviewers should have suitable expertise in the relevant field and evaluate a manuscript without any conflict of interest. The peer reviewers are urged to follow the ethical practices of confidentiality, objectivity, and declaration of conflict of interest (if any). Reviewers should assist the editor in making a proper decision as well as advise the editor in case of possible misconduct associated with plagiarism, data fabrication and/or falsification, a duplicate submission, ghost authorship, or citation manipulation. Please note that-

          -  All submissions undergo a double-blind peer-review process.

          -  Reviewers are selected based on their suitable expertise in the relevant field.

          -  Reviewers must not use data disclosed through the review process for their own benefit without the permission of the authors.

          -  If there is a problem such as conflict of interest or any links with the reviewed paper, the reviewer must address this issue by informing the Editor.

          -  If a reviewer feels that it is not possible for him/her to complete the task within the stipulated time, this information must be informed to the editor so that the manuscript could be sent to another reviewer.


Ethics of Editors

The editors of the MIJEEC journal are encouraged to follow the ethical practices of confidentiality, objectivity, and declaration of conflict of interest (if any). Please note that-

          -  The editorial board is selected on the basis of their expertise and diversity.

          -  All members of the editorial team must uphold the ethical principles in decisions related to the MIJEEC journal.

          -  The editors will select three reviewers who have expertise in relevant fields and do not have any conflict of interest with the authors for reviewing process. If any issues and/or conflicts arise, these would be addressed in a professional manner. 


Publication Decisions

The manuscript will be accepted for publication by at least two reviewers acceptance. The editors are responsible for a final decision on publication when the authors have already revised their work according to the reviewers’ comments and sent the copyright transfer agreement. The journal accepts original or innovative research articles and will not accept articles that have been published elsewhere.

Plagiarism Policy

Intellectual property is seriously concerned by the journal. On submission, all manuscripts are screened using the software ‘Turnitin’. If plagiarism (higher than 30% of similarity) is suspected, the editors will immediately inform the authors of the rejection. If plagiarism is proven after publication, the article will be retracted from the journal. The editors will contact all the authors’ institutions to explain the retraction of the article and the authors’ behaviors. The event of retraction will also be officially announced as soon as possible on the journal website.