Production of biofuel from microalgae grown in wastewater- A review

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Karthick Murugan Palanisamy
Obaid Ahmad Bhat
Maria Onyemowo Oteikwu
Natanamurugaraj Govindan
Gaanty Pragas Maniam
Rameshprabhu Ramaraj
Yuwalee Unpaprom


There is an urgent demand for an evolution of renewable energy resources due to the rising global energy demand, resource depletion, growing emphasis on reducing climate change, and resource scarcity. Among many resources, Microalgae are thought to be the cleanest alternative feedstock for biofuels and biorefineries because of their advantages of quick growth, effective carbon dioxide fixation, lack of competition for agricultural production and potable water, and the potential to accumulate massive volumes of lipids and carbohydrates. Therefore, this review has discussed the different wastewater which can support and enhance the growth of microalgae, biosynthesis of lipids, production of biofuels from microalgae, and biochemical properties of biofuel. In order to minimize the accumulation of wastewater to protect the environment from pollution, apply wastewater to grow microalgae to achieve the goal of bio circular economy. This review provides clear details and a summary of the production of biofuel from microalgae grown in wastewater.

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Palanisamy, K. M. ., Bhat, O. A. ., Oteikwu, M. O. ., Govindan, N. ., Maniam, G. P. ., Rameshprabhu Ramaraj, & Unpaprom, Y. (2022). Production of biofuel from microalgae grown in wastewater- A review . Maejo International Journal of Energy and Environmental Communication, 4(3), 17–26.
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