Application of Adaptive Current Search to Solve Constraint Optimization Problems

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Supaporn Suwannarongsri


The adaptive current search (ACS) is one of the most efficient metaheuristic optimization techniques. Algorithms of the ACS is developed from the behavior of electric current flown through electrical networks. This paper proposes the application of the ACS to solve constraint optimization problems. Performance of the ACS is evaluated against three standard benchmarking constraint problems. Then, the ACS is applied to solve two real-world constraint engineering problems, i.e. spring design and pressure vessel design. Results obtained by the ACS will be compared with those obtained by the conventional method. As results, it was found that the ACS can provide superior solutions to the conventional method for all problems. 

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Suwannarongsri, S. (2016). Application of Adaptive Current Search to Solve Constraint Optimization Problems. Thai Industrial Engineering Network Journal, 2(1), 35–42. Retrieved from
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