Development Application for Travel Itinerary Planning under Time Duration Constrains Using Dijkstra’s Algorithm

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Chalalai Wongwian
Phornpan Thongpang


This research paper presents the development of a decision-making approach by applying Dijkstra’s Algorithm for developing mobile applications to assist tourists who wish to tour Phetchaburi by bicycle. tricycle to reorder the attractions before deciding on the list of attractions under time frame conditions Pinpoint the location of tourists while traveling. Makes traveling to the destination correctly at the specified time. Application performance evaluation using two methods: 1) speed and accuracy testing using 5 locations and 3 different timing scenarios. The experimental results reveal that the proposed Dijkstra’s algorithm spends less planning time than the exhaustive routing algorithm, while the accuracy is equal. 2) The evaluation is performed by measuring the user satisfaction level with the ability of user-system interaction. The results show that the overall system usability is in the highest level (x ̅= 4.22, S.D. = 0.61). Considering each criterion of satisfaction reveals that the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, and satisfaction are in the highest level, while and the criterion of learnability is in high level.

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Wongwian, C., & Thongpang, P. (2020). Development Application for Travel Itinerary Planning under Time Duration Constrains Using Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Thai Industrial Engineering Network Journal, 6(2), 68–77. Retrieved from
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