Peer Review Systems



Interdisciplinary Research Review (IRR) applies an elaborate peer review system. A manuscript's quality is investigated by a stern peer review process.  A manuscript is submitted and gone through our peer review procedure before publishing.

Types of peer review (Triple-blind peer review)

A manuscript submitted to IRR is peer-reviewed the triple-blind review system, which means the three academic reviewers and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the peer review process. The entire process will be completed about 3 months.

The Peer Review Process

The IRR peer review process composed of 10 steps, namely, the 1st step: submission online, 2nd step: check format and ethics policy, 3rd step: editor in chief reviews, 4th step: assign an associate editor, 5th step: evaluate the review, 6th step: final decision by editor in chief, 7th step: prepare the final version, 8th step: confirm the final version and 9th step: inspect the final version. Each detailed step is described as follows:

Step 1: Submission Online

An author is merely allowed to submit the manuscript to the IRR journal via the ThaiJO online system. The ThaiJo system guarantees that the manuscript is properly submitted, proceeded, and reviewed by the journal peer review system. It facilitates the submission process and assists in management, fast review and publication.

Step 2: Check Format and Ethics Policy

The IRR checks whether a submitted manuscript meets the journal requirements described in the journal’s author guidelines and contains less than 30% similarity with other academic publications. The manuscript's quality is not investigated at this stage. Furthermore, if a manuscript involved with human research subjects, the author needs to show the Human Research Ethics certificate.

Step 3: Editor in Chief Reviews

The Editor-in-Chief reviews and considers the submitted manuscript whether complies with its scope, aims, originality, scientific merit, and significance. At this step, the manuscript might be rejected by the Editor-in-Chief, if the manuscript does not complied with these conditions.

Step 4: Assign an Associate Editor

The Editor-in-Chief assigns an appropriate Associate Editor to select three involved experts for peer reviewing the manuscript. The back-office team invites these three experts. If any responses are not convenient to do so, further invitations are done, if necessary, until the required number of reviewers is satisfied.

Step 5: Evaluate the Review

The associate editor considers the returned comments and suggestions of the reviewers, then makes discretion whether the submitted manuscript is satisfied for publication. If the reviewer comments differ widely, the associate editor may invite an additional reviewer to offer further assessment before making a final decision. Consequently, the reviewers state the editor on whether the manuscript should be a) accepted as is, or b) accepted with minor revisions, or c) accepted with a major revision, or d) rejected for publication.

Step 6: Final Decision by Editor in Chief

After the corresponding author revised the manuscript accordance to the comments and suggestions of the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief will consider the revisions. The Editor-in-Chief then makes a final discretion on whether the revised manuscript is accepted for publication.

Step 7: Prepare the Final Version

If the Editor-in-Chief accepts the manuscript from the 6th step, the manuscript then will be copyedited and formatted for publication.

Step 8: Confirm the Final Version

The formatted manuscripts will be delivered back to the authors for validating. The process will allow about one week for the authors. After any vital corrections are accomplished, the formatted manuscript will be taken a final check by the authors and their confirmation will be delivered back to the Editor-in-Chief.

Step 9: Inspect the Final Version

After the Editor-in-Chief obtains a confirmation from the authors, the Journal Editorial Office proceeds a final evaluation of the manuscript and then publishes it in the onlined IRR journal system.