Graphical user interface at MatLab in teaching telecommunication engineering

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Rungaroon Porncharoen


This paper presents the antenna parameter calculator program using basic antenna theory, i. e. , principle of
radiation power density, radiation intensity, maximum directivity and polarization for telecommunication
engineering education. After analyzing results from questionnaire survey, the instructor found that the antenna
engineering related subject is difficult to learn because of mathematical model. Therefore, simulation program is
important in the teaching of telecommunication engineering. The proposed antenna parameter calculation program
consists of input, output, and radiation patterns of electromagnetic (EM) polarization for Graphic User Interface
(GUI) of MatLab®. The research results were as follows, the simulated response comparison agrees well with theory
and the evaluation of tools by 5 experts was high level. Thus, the GUI of MatLab® tools can be applied and developed
effectively for teaching in telecommunication engineering.

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