Applied social media and the effects of its use during vacation travel :A case study of Millennials in Thailand

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Chalida Techajirakul
Kriengsin Prasongsukarn


This research is focused on applied social media and the effects of its use during vacation travel on Millennials. The researcher investigated the usage of social network websites by traveller: before, during and after the vacation, granting comprehension on utilization levels, levels of association, and self-reliance. The 205 questionnaires were circulated to and gathered from experienced Thai travellers. It was found that the stage vacation when social media was mostly used was before the vacation as a tool for obtaining information, for instance information about accommodation and destinations. It was also found that there was a low correlation between levels of association with internet marketing and alterations made to vacation plans. In addition to this the findings appeared to show that social media was extensively used during the vacation for posting photos and looking for local activities. The result also showed that the information obtained from  third party websites ismore reliable than mass media advertising and government websites.

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Techajirakul, C., & Prasongsukarn, K. (2019). Applied social media and the effects of its use during vacation travel :A case study of Millennials in Thailand. Interdisciplinary Research Review, 14(1), 53–59. Retrieved from
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